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The following products are trending at the moment...

NeoCryl XK-541

An aquenous anionic, hydroxyl group-containing, acrylic emulsion.

The film offers: very good chemical and weathering resistance, very high gloss, co-solvent free, freedom in formulating with co-solvents of own choice.

NeoRez R-1010

An aliphatic waterborne urethane dispersion offering a unique combination of soft-feel with gloss. Good chemcial resistance can be obtained when cross linked with a suitable hardener.

The film offers: Excellent "soft-feel" properties, alcohol resistance, chemical and solvent resistant, good adhesion properties.

BYK-7410 ET

A liquid rheology additive for medium-polarity solvent-borne and solvent-free coating systems as well as PVC plastisols and ambient-curing resin systems.

The additive creates highly thixotropic flow behavior and consequently improves the anti-sagging and anti-settling properties. Post-addition is possible.

BYK-7420 ES

A liquid rheology additive for aqueous and water-reducible coating systems for improving anti-sagging and anti-settling properties.

The additive is also especially suited for manufacturing aqueous pigment concentrates. It creates thixotropic flow behavior. Post-addition is possible.


New Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Stabilizing a Multitude of Organic and Inorganic Pigments and Matting Agents in Solvent-borne Coil Coatings, Wood and Industrial Coatings and Pigment Concentrates.


Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Aqueous and Glycol-containing Pigment Concentrates to Color Aqueous and Solvent-borne Architectural Coatings. Also Particularly Suitable for Effect Pigment Slurries.

BYK-1611, BYK-1617, BYK-1723 and BYK-1724

Ecolabel-compliant Defoamers for Aqueous Systems.


Byk-Gardner released new models of their gloss meters including new software.